Action Games

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  • Soccer Rampage 2

    Endless hordes of terrible opponent players are coming to get you. How long can you survive

  • Snow Surfing

    Ride your snowboard as you perform stunts off of slopes to earn enough points to progress.

  • Battlefleet 9

    The island-nation of Berina is under attack from the evil Caelis Dominion. Fly your plane a

  • The Visitor Massacr

    Its probably not the best news for all inhabitants of Camp Happy.. the visitor has arrived!

  • Sniper Operation

    Shoot all the enemies hiding out in their spot using your sniper. Aiming skills are require

Strategy Games

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  • 3 D Chess

    A regular game of Chess. ..

  • Circular

    Mouse avoider/collector with a different mechanic: You control one end of a tube. Collect t

  • Icebreaker Red Clan

    Follow up to our ice slicing puzzle classic now with more features. ..

  • Mathnook Boxing

    Box all the great mathematicians when you play MathNooks fun boxing game! Choose whether th

  • 3 D Truck Mission

    Drive your truck on a highway and try to avoid other cars. Your mission is to find and dest

Shooting Games

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  • Little Rocket

    An amazing space shooter. ..

  • Hold The Lines

    Shoot stick figure in head stick figure dies horribly. If only life was this simple. ..

  • Gillette Soccer Mobil

    Your have to score 10 goals to advance to the next level.Collect the golden balls and you m

  • Stringy

    Drive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls rotating barriers and lasers and collect red

  • Ever Rising Water

    Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open

Adventure Games

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  • Polygon Racer 3 D

    Polygon Racer 3D is a retro arcade game from David Jalbert. The goal of the game is to get

  • Cursed Princess

    Help the cursed princess on her way to create the loyal army of vampires. As the curse is t

  • Fault Line

    A new puzzle platformer. Plus you get detachable arms! ..

  • Jwkk Memory Game

    Play memory game and try to get to the other wheels. Click on two cards it will be removed.

  • Sweetland

    Welcome to Sweetland a delicious world filled full of candy! Rotate the world and use the g

Funning Games

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  • Flappy Characters Con

    Create connections between characters of the same type to remove them. For the beginning yo

  • Deep Dive

    Practice your multiplication facts to capture awesome pictures of our underwater friends! .

  • Desert Atv Challenge

    Get ready for a new desert racing game. Pick up your ATv and race it in the heat of the des

  • Detective Jealous 2

    Be a super spy with a keen eye… ..

  • Balanz 2: Time Trials

    Balance these blocks to build your way to the top!Drag blocks from the top of the screen on

Sport Games

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  • Nordic Chill

    Compete in 4 winter sports events in this challenging game. ..

  • Trick Blast Billiards

    Get all the explosive Pool balls into the holes before they explode ..

  • Little Romeo And Juli

    Find a happy ending for this adorable pair of star-crossed lovers.Spot all the differences

  • Slice 3 Fortress Defe

    Fight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls. 46 Unique Fighters 40 Addicti

  • Hidden Number Resort

    Find the Numbers hidden in the picture. A correct hit adds 100 points whereas a wrong guess

Puzzle Games

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  • A Little Moth

    This little moth wants to reach the light spot. Maybe it is difficult for him to do so. But

  • Zombie Task Force Go!

    The city has been over-run by Zombies and the military will arrive soon to wipe them out. Y

  • Shuffle Island

    You must roam around Shuffle Island in search of the best poker hands. You need to impress

  • Skyminog

    Drag the creature to the empty world trying to create a better one... ..

  • Traditional Japanese

    Traditional Japanese Room Escape is type of point and click new escape game developed by ga